Sunday, November 25, 2012


1. I think How To Train Your Dragon may make my Top 10 list for favorite movies.

2. It's been hard to post. I have lots of drafts.  And they're all lame.  This one is even lamer.

3.  In my last email from the school district there were dates listed for "Kindergarten Registration" and "Kindergarten Tours".  I got shockingly weepy.

4. My sweet Boy starts talking the second  his eyes pop open and does not stop until they close.  It's maddening, but I dread the day it ends.

5. Our new neighbor's dog barks a lot.  Thankfully they are very nice (and have some pink Christmas lights which the girls think is fabulous), but I think it's funny that even Annie yells out "No No!" when he starts up. 

6. It's been a rough year.  Not horrible, and I almost feel guilty writing that because I know people who actually have rough years and I should be extraordinarily thankful for mine.  

7. I needed to be about 10 years younger when we had Annie. Wow, that kid wears me out.  But she is drop. dead. hilarious and knows it.

8. I'm in the mood to launch something into oblivion.  How's that for the holiday spirit? :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Yes, That Was Me

running in the November rain with a little-ish puppy at 9:15 tonight.  And why was I subjecting myself to the elements? Because THE PUPPY decided it would be fun to jump up on a dining room chair and put her precious little furry paws on. my. table.

That is unacceptable.

Obviously she had some extra energy, because tired dogs are good dogs.  She was not being good, so she bought herself an instant ticket to Run Till I Say Stopville.  The kids regularly visit the sister-city of That's It, We're Going Outside Nowtown.

But Penelope was game and ran for about 1 1/2 at a pretty good clip.  And now she's tired.  And good.

And that makes me happy.