Sunday, October 6, 2013

Did Lizzy Lose Her Eye?

It was 34 minutes past bedtime last night when Gracie tippy-toed downstairs to ask the question above.  Seeing as how a two-eyed Lizzy had just tippy-toed herself down the stairs 29 minutes past bedtime, John and I were confused.  Lizzy has a bit of a cold, so had she sneezed so hard she said her eye popped out? That is 100% something she would say to be funny.  Had she really sneezed so hard with her eyes open and popped her eye out? I hadn't heard any crying, so I think we can eliminate the second idea.  That left us with no choice but to start a conversation:

"Gracie, what are you talking about with Lizzy losing her eye?  Did she say that?"

Gracie: "Yes. She said her eye was missing and I was wondering what happened to it."

"I don't get it.  What are you talking about? What do you mean she lost her eye?  Really? She said she lost her eye?"

Gracie: "YES!  She said she lost her eye!  Is she going to lose both eyes?"  At this point, it should be noted that Gracie has not demonstrated much concern about her sister losing an eye.  It was a question born purely out of curiosity.  I mean, maybe she was a little worried.  She did come downstairs to inquire, which is loads better than just ignoring what Lizzy said (which is what most kids would do if they heard an oddball statement like that).

[what in the world...]

Blank staring from all parties.

And then...Light bulb!

"Gracie. I think she means the 'i' is missing from her step stool.  You know, the letter 'i'?"

Gracie: BWAAHAHAHAHAHHAA!  That's so funny!!! I thought she meant she lost her eyeball!!  You know, her eyeball! That's so hilarious! Oh man! Hee hee!"

"Go to bed, Gracie."

Thankfully, thankfully, I had noticed earlier in the evening that the "i" was missing from her step stool. We would have had to wait till morning to figure it out, because a full inquisition is rarely done around here after lights-out.