Thursday, July 4, 2013

I Know This Happens To Almost Everyone, But...

There are 930 pics on my phone and over 150 of them are of this little chucklehead.

Another 80 are of a kitchen cabinet. And then another 100 of the sofa:

The movies are fabulous as well, but I'll spare everyone a sampling of the 3 second mini-clips of rude noises that are scattered about my camera roll.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Two Thoughts

1. Class lists came for Ainsley and The Trips today.  Looking at their sweet names on the lists, in different classrooms, made me a little weepy.  This is for real, folks, and I'm not liking the thought that this chapter of our life is closing in just a few weeks.  They make me completely insane sometimes and I love watching them grow up, know.

2. Along with the class lists was the "supply list" and we may have to take out a loan to cover this mess.  Plus, they all need new backpacks this year.  And probably lunch boxes. And shoes. And underwear.

Good grief.