Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You Know You're Addicted To Caffeine When...

1. Your friends think it's funny that you can't make a decision until after the first cuppa.
2. And you can't (see above).
3. You think about your next fix all day and agonize over whether to have hot or iced coffee, or be good and use skim or steal the crumbgobblers' 2% milk. BTW, I know they are not "2" yet and should technically still drink whole milk, but since they are...umm...certainly not wasting away, it was off-handedly suggested by the pediatrician to switch early.
4. You give up soda (again), and it was awful and I still crave the bubbly wonderfulness every afternoon. Of course, it has been replaced by another cup of coffee.
5. You know H2O is better for you and will nearly have the same "wake up" effect, but you would rather risk stained teeth.
6. Your husband was wonderful and surprised you with a mocha, and it accidentally spilled on the carpet, forever staining it, and you didn't care a bit about the carpet but teared up because of the loss of the perfect chocolate/espresso combination.



Clan Goodrich said...

Yes, I would be livid about spilled coffee. That's what carpet cleaner is for, right?

I don't know what I would do without coffee, either. LUV it!!!!!!!

PS. My pediatrician's office told me that most of the time now they are starting to advice skim milk by 1 1/2 because of childhood obesity....curious to see what they say when I take my 3 in. But, there is nothing like a good coffee with 2%/basically cream!

Rachael said...

after reading this, i realized that i too, likely have a problem...