Friday, July 16, 2010

Mother Of The Year

I was driving home today and was sitting at a stoplight when a sweet little hand touched my arm and a sweet little voice said "Hi Mommy! I come up here with you!".

WHAT????!!!! That is NOT supposed to happen when driving four little ones around town.

Freaked, I looked down and saw Lizzy standing right behind me. I must not have strapped her into her car seat and she decided a stoplight would be a good time to take a stroll from the back of the too-cool minivan to be close to The Mommy.

Me: "Lizzy! You scared the daylights out of me! Hold my hand, sweet girl. I'm going to pull over and get you back in your seat."

Lizzy: "Mommy! I want to sit in your lap!" (visions of Britney Spears appeared)

Light turned green, I held on tight. She still staggered back a bit.

Johnny: "Lizzy! Hold my hand! I keep you safe!" (such the gentleman)

Me: (silently) Please, please, please don't get pulled over. But I'm sure he would understand...right? I mean, look at this mess of car seats and with one on the way SURELY I would just get a warning.

Everything worked out, of course.

Good grief.


Clark W, said...

Don't fret. That has happened to both the wife and I on separate occasions.

Sam said...

I have so been there. Its terrifying, but I'm pretty sure perfectly excpected!! :) Congrats by the way, I'm so thrilled for you!!

Jessica said...

This has happened to me before but luckily we were still pulling out of the driveway when my son reached next to me to take my drink from the cup holder. I almost had a heart attack so I can imagine what it was like for you to have been out on the road.

Just came across your blog, very cute kids and congratulations on #5!