Thursday, September 23, 2010

Daddy Tax

Ainsley attended a birthday party a couple weeks ago and is still making her way through the candy bag. Smarties were chosen as tonight's treat and as she started in, John informed her of the "Daddy Tax" (as in: all food is supposed to be shared with Daddy). Not sure if he was kidding, Ainsley glanced up at me to see what I thought. You see, the kids really is nicer than her mother and would have begrudgingly given her dad some of her candy. I nodded "no", because I don't willingly share food with anyone. It makes me nutso that the triplets eat 1/4 of anything I ever have.

John then told Ainsley that when Halloween comes, they get to go through her loot and the program would be "one for Daddy, one for Ainsley". With no pause, Ains replied "I'll just give you what I don't like".

Yup. Raising her right.