Tuesday, May 3, 2011


School is almost out and I am antsy. I'm completely ready for this to happen and PLEASE can it come sooner??? Please?? I asked Ainsley if she wanted to get the calendar and start counting down the days till school gets out and it is generous to say she was mildly interested. I'm making her do it tomorrow.

I'm very tired of the monotony of the school week and how it cramps our style. Everything revolves around having to be at school at a certain time or waiting for the school day to end and it is not fun.

But Summer! We will rarely have to be on time for anything. We will be in control of our schedule and there won't be much of one. Want to stay in jammies until we need to put new ones on for bed time? Yes. Want to count a visit to a pool as a bath? Yes. Want to go to the zoo so we can each see our one favorite animal or just to pop in and get some fresh kettle corn? Yes. Become regulars at my favorite custard stand? Yes. Want to jack up our water bill because we play with the hoses so much? Yes and yes.

We have a couple commitments this summer and that is it. I've decided that, outside of one fun camp for Ainsley and VBS, we will not be accountable with our time to anyone.

It will be lovely.

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Emily said...

I'm totally with you on this. We've been sick around here this past week and (besides the fact that we're sick) I'm loving that we don't have to be anywhere in the morning and we can just get up and play and be more laid back. Bring on summer!