Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Good, The Typical, And Just Gross

Let's start with Just Gross.  I abhor vomit.  There isn't much else that gives me a violent case of the "ewwss" as vomit and with a truck load of kids in the house, the statistics are in favor of it presenting itself on a regular basis.  Right now a minor bug of some sort has taken its time seeking out all little ones in my care, and this is one of the side effects. The problem with this particular bug is that the vomiting comes out of nowhere.  No real warning (Lizzy excepted) and therefore no chance to act in preventing serious yuck in the house and therefore emotional damage to myself. You see, this virus-thingy is sneaky.  Symptoms? A little whiny, low-grade fever, slight runny nose, that's it.  Eating remains fairly normal, sleep habits are normal, etc.  And then?  WHAM!!!!  Just Gross.

They Typical?  Well. All of this nastiness started over a week ago with Ainsley and I was hoping, praying, it would either stop with her or race through the house quickly in order to have everyone finished with it by Thanksgiving.  Yesterday afternoon (the day before Thanksgiving), I was ignorantly checking off who had thrown up so far and was pleased that the two left rarely do so (Gracie) or had never (Annie in her short life).  Annie was a little goofy all day, clingy, but not entirely off her feed and was terribly impressed with herself at dinner for eating broccoli like a big kid.  Typical bedtime behavior for about 20 minutes and then...totally atypical.  I hate, hate, hate changing cribs from an episode and she did a thorough job.   John was thankfully home for this one...but then he left to hang out with a friend and not 7 minutes after he left, Gracie started that weird cough.  You know, the one where - if you have the level of vomit experience we do at Chez Laird - you just know it will not end well.  I made it up the stairs in time to almost make it.  Poor, poor Gracie.  And oh, so typical of when I get a little over-confident when we have something licked.  It always becomes so apparent we don't.

Where is The Good in all this mess? 
1. We were finished with everything before Thanksgiving.  Yay!
2. With this particular Yuck, the infected only throw up once.  Yay!
3. No carpet was affected.  Yay!
4. Lizzy's was outside on the patio (easy clean up - thank you Lizzy) and 15 seconds after a 40 minute car ride.  It would have been disastrous. Double Yay!

And that's how it goes around here. 


Rebecca Brown said...

Oh, yes, I know that cough. The one when you dash upstairs to heave the coughing child into the bathroom, hoping to not leave a trail of vomit between the bed and the toilet. Ewwwww, gross, is right! So glad for you that it was short-lived!

JenHahn said...

Ugh. The crib puke. HATE it. So glad you are all over it.

Emily said...

Totally know that cough. And I'm with you on hating vomit (not that anyone really likes it...) I honestly dread this time of year because I know it will hit us sooner or later. We have yet to make it through a winter puke-less. Glad you are through it!