Saturday, September 29, 2012

I'm Failing To See The Problem

So. When a (my) child is throwing down an impressive tantrum in the way back part of the van and uses a double-negative, I believe it is my duty to correct her. So I did.  And my sweet, sweet husband thought it was funny.  Not in the "oh, that was so hilarious that you corrected her grammar" kind of funny, but in the "I can't believe a child was throwing a tantrum and you decided to help by correcting her grammar".  More of an incredulous laughter, than "ha ha".

I easily admit my grammar is not perfect, especially when it's midnight and I'm cranking something out for this eensy little blog thingy.  But I will be horrified if I have children who end sentences with prepositions and say things like "where is he at?", because that is completely unacceptable.

And you know, at least when I told the tantrum thrower she needed to say "I will never go!" instead of "I will not never go!", she corrected herself and then carried on.

You see, as much as I try, I can't control the tantrums.  But I would like for my children to speak clearly and properly while they're screaming at the world.

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