Monday, October 15, 2012

Puppies and Kids: Lessons Learned

Kids are more hyper than puppies.  At least mine are.

Kids like to run from puppies, who like to chase kids.

Kids do not nip at puppies, but puppies nip at kids, especially ones who think it is hilarious to run from puppies in order to be chased.

Puppies should wear diapers for the first few weeks.

Boys really, really, really want to hug and hold and carry around and squeeze puppies and puppies really, really really do not like that.  At least our puppy doesn't.

4 year old boys have little to no self control around puppies.

A fenced-in-yard does not necessarily mean a puppy can be contained, especially when the puppy is small enough to pop through the pickets.

Puppies have ADHD

We'll get through this, right?

1 comment:

fooz said...

I am ok with everything except the comment about the 4 year old boys.......age makes NO difference when it comes to boys!