Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Here! You do it! Or, how I almost lost my Lego Builder Elite Status.

It started with an ultimate find: the kids were at Fooz's house and she discovered an UNOPENED Lego set, circa 1980-something, under some shelves.  The kids were besides themselves and couldn't wait to show me.

A pull-back race car, support vehicle with trailer, 500 pieces.  No sweat, right?  I mean, these are the kids who are flipping out because a Lego store is supposed to come here and pore over catalogs and the Lego website, trying to decide the sets they want, in order of importance.  Big decisions.

This should have been a walk in the park, blindfolded, and finished in 30 minutes.  It was not. Whatever cars or trucks we've put together have been predominantly brick-based with a couple axles.  Sure, lots of layers and eensy parts, but ultimately no sweat.  These bad boys were crazypants and took a few hours of actual concentration.  John and I helped Ainsley with the first car, John worked on the second, and Gracie and I (and Lizzy a bit) helped with the trailer.  And that's where my coolness factor stumbled a bit.  A lot.  Enough that John was hysterically laughing at me and I was trying not to curse out loud.  It was one of those "It's finished, let's try it out. Why isn't it working? What's the deal? Wha...some of it's upside-down". Frick and Frack!!!

That's when Ainsley walked in and I said "Here. You do it!" and, of course, she did.  Most of it at least, while John just thought the whole gig was hilarious. The can't-tell-if-he's-breathing laughing. Punk.

But I rallied and figured it all out and everyone is happy and The Mommy is still a little cool.  Or maybe it's more that I won't have to hear "Hey, give it to Daddy because you know Mommy can't do it".

I live for the little victories.

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Fooz said...

Hey........give me some credit, Trey was born in 1982 so would have been 7 (age on the box) so it had to have been 1990 at LEAST....lets wait and see what else i unearth in the cupboards down there!