Saturday, January 11, 2014

I See London, I See France...

We all know the rest of the playground taunt, don't we?  Well, The Three had thankfully yet to be exposed to this sweet poetry until tonight when I was reading Meet Molly, an American Girl doll book.  I had barely finished the rhyme when they started cracking up. This was immediately followed by all three saying it over and over and over and over again.  There's only so much a human can handle when three six-year-olds are non-stop chanting anything, much less something supremely annoying.

Of course I instantly became the big buzz-kill and lectured that they will NOT say that to anyone at school, even if they can see their underwear, that it will hurt someone's feelings, that it's ok to do it at home, in-house, blah, blah, blah.  Which brought the conversation to:

"Yeah! You'll go to the principal's office!"
"Yeah!  You'll get in BIG trouble at school!"
"Yeah!  Our teachers will be really mad!  They'll email you and tell you what we did!  Or call!"

And then they proceeded to chant again.

Why I said the following is still beyond me, because it took the ridiculousness to the next level:

"Okay okay okay!!  You may NOT say I can see your underpants!  But you can say I can see my underpants!  Got it??!!?!"

Oh my stars, the room erupted.

I SEE LONDON, I SEE FRANCE!  I CAN SEE MY UNDERPANTS!" Whereupon they would drop their pj pants and expose their drawers.  And laugh hysterically.  And do it again.

I eventually just left.  I had lost control.

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Sarah Acosta said...

Laughing so hard I'm crying!!!! It's like you're writing about Nathan and Joy!!!