Sunday, June 8, 2014

If You're Smart, Son...

Johnny and I were jawing about something completely inane tonight when he said "How do YOU know that?".  Of course my reply was:

"Because I'm the smartest woman you'll ever meet." (not true, of course, but he is thankfully only 6 and therefore clueless about such matters)

Johnny: "But, how do you know?!"

Me: "Because I know all about these things and if you know what's good for you, you'll agree with me."

John then entered the conversation and, because he is super-wise and super-smart, started explaining to his son that it was in Johnny's best interest to agree with me and to understand that his mother truly is the smartest woman he knows.  That, if he believes this to be true, only good things will happen.

By this time Johnny is grinning like crazy because he absolutely loves to talk and it brings him great joy to have both of us, in dialogue, all to himself.

But then I decided to take this teaching moment even further and offered up a piece of valuable advice.  He was then informed that I would be the most intelligent woman he knows until he meets the girl he is going to marry and then SHE will be the smartest woman he knows and ever will know.  I will vacate my post, but only to become second on the list. 

For the record, Johnny had asked some question about dinosaurs or something and I actually didn't make up an answer this time because I really did know what I was talking about.

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