Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Classic Kitty

The following story is a perfect example of me:

The other morning I couldn't find my cell, so I did what every other normal person does and called it from the home phone. Right after I dialed, some wiring got loose in my brain and these were my thoughts/actions:

"Oh! Someone's calling my phone! How funny! No one calls me this early! And I was just looking for it! How convenient!"

Walk over to the backpack, where my cell was ringing.

Pick up my phone and the caller id says "Home".

"Hmm! Who is calling from home? Does John have a house phone downstairs? (he works in the basement) What would he need already? Maybe the kids did this. How did they do that???"

Keep in mind that I was holding our home phone in my hand as I was confused.

I hung up my cell, turned off the handset, and didn't figure it all out until about 45 seconds later.

I am such a doofus.


The Speakman Family said...

I love you, Kitty. I am laughing at you, but also with you because, as David says, "That sounds like something you would do, MA."

Clan Goodrich said...

NICE! I really think they need to do a study -- it wouldn't take much to prove that multiples suck all of your brain power out of you!!!

Graham said...

WAY funny. Thanks for the laugh :)