Monday, October 5, 2009

A Little Pick-Me-Up

Last Thursday was one of those "I would love to crawl back into bed and sleep all day" days. It would have been so lovely. So near the very end of my bummer-day, when I'm checking my watch every 30 seconds to see if the time is even CLOSE to when John gets off work, I noticed I hadn't seen Lizzy in 2.5 minutes. No. Oh no.

Now, if Gracie and Ainsley are not in view I am not concerned. (Not because they are angels or anything, but they tend to make non-life-threatening or house-damaging choices). When I don't see or hear Johnny or Lizzy for a bit I start to panic.

I flew down the stairs only to startle Lizzy Lou, who was rummaging around a kitchen drawer, and when I startled her she stood up and cracked her head on the corner of the drawer. Instant and justifiable tears. She was only in a diaper and when she turned toward me for hugs I noticed this:

Just that day she had learned to open Ainsley's marker container and my eyes raced to the table where A had been coloring and...the container was closed. Hmm...thinking, thinking, No she did NOT! You see, Lizzy also recently discovered our junk drawer - home of a couple PERMANENT MARKERS. I felt sick and gave my house a glance-over to see any evidence of artistry. Hmph. Nothing but her tummy. Well, Good Job Lizzy! Way to contain the damage! Or so I thought until I opened the drawer where I noticed the marker she had used (and impressively replaced the cap upon when she put it back in the drawer - good girl!). It was then that Ainsley delightedly pointed out this:

Oh my stars, I laughed. It broke my mood and made my day bright enough that I didn't want to go to bed anymore. I wanted to stay with my crazy kids and chase them around the house and love on my life. And so I did. Thank-you, Sweet Lizzy.


Clan Goodrich said...

PERFECT!!! That could have been disasterous! I bet those markers are somewhere else now.

Kitty Laird said...

Right now all markers/pens/pencils are on top of the counter until I can figure out where to put them. As always, we're all about class around here.

Brooke said...

Oh how I love reading about your life! Sometimes I forget, and just remembered and sat here for a while reading your posts. I'll be in STL Oct 27-Nov 2 with Sophia (my sister is getting married before that in GR and I couldn't just skip STL!) so hopefully I can see you all!