Friday, April 23, 2010

Things To Fling - April

I've been in a fairly good mood lately, so I only have one thing to fling this month:
icky super-short running shorts. After a junky winter, the local runners are gleefully abandoning their treadmills and exposing their lily-white legs (and other body parts) to the rest of us.

The shorts are from the early 80's (you know, the ones that are REALLY short and aren't connected on the sides). They look like this:

Unless you are a true elite, you have no business wearing these shorts. I don't care if you consistently win in your age-group, you have no business wearing these shorts. And if you haven't seen your 20's in 20+ years, you have no business wearing these shorts. Too much of your body is exposed...way, way, too much. My children and I should never have to see old hineys on our way home from the playground.

But then there are the moments of my day that make me forget about flinging. One of them recently arrived in the form of a little boy who wears his heart on his sleeve.

I realize the photo quality isn't fab, but it's his transparent joy that makes my heart ache.


Clan Goodrich said...

Sweet picture!

Yes, the shorts should be banned!!! Now if I could find shorts that stay over my triplet tummy! LOL

Kitty said...

Yes. It is unfortunate that shorts tend to slide under the triplet tummy, which makes everything SO attractive. So happy you understand.

susie said...

the transparent joy is sooooo what boys are about! Nothing much to figure out! My BF!

Brooke said...

I haven't been here for a while! I read this one about the running shorts and saw someone in them yesterday and started cracking up. I totally agree! Let's lay them to rest.