Monday, April 26, 2010

Yeah. That's It.

I was unglamorously trying to squeeze myself into some spanx this morning and, of course, had an audience. I always have an audience. For everything. At least Ainsley is finally at the age where if I say, "mommy needs some privacy for just a little bit", she gets it and is not offended. The other three get seriously frosted at the suggestion that I'd like to be by myself for 3 seconds.

Well, Lizzy was the lucky one intently watching me doing the deep knee bends necessary to don the "shapewear" (which doesn't work THAT well, trust me - now I'm questioning why I even bother with the stinkin' things). She was staring and staring until a huge smile took over her face and she announced "Mommy's doing ballet!!!!". Whereupon she started to do plie's and saying "I'm doing ballet, too!".

Ballet. That's exactly what I was doing.


Brenda said...

thanks for the laugh this morning :) I'll be doing my ballet here in a little bit, too.

Clan Goodrich said...

LOL -- I have a funny image in my head! Oh, I look forward to when at least Molly will give me some privacy. honestly, I can't get any of them to leave me for a minute with sobbing tears, door pounding!

Are the spanx worth the $? I need some ridiculous help for the triplet tummy (oh, you'll see this summer!)