Monday, June 14, 2010

Keepin' Busy

It has rained here the past few months - tons. Way too much because lots of rain = wet playgrounds and being unable to go places because you never know when the next storm is going to come = no fun for the Laird kids? Nope. Why? Because of rain boots, that's why. They have nearly worn theirs out of existence and splashing in puddles never gets old...does it?

They do this thing where they take turns racing down the puddle path. Obviously Johnny's up next - he's in the "set" position. When can they go to track camp??

My ducklings.

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JenHahn said...

I love that you encourage puddle jumping. My kids love it, too. Many houses on our street have drainage/erosion issues so puddle jumping around here means MUD! I hear thunder. Looks like we're in for another afternoon of splashing...and laundry.