Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kindred Spirits

One of the gifts in Ainsley's life is her friend, C. C is great because...well...she gets my sweet girl when I don't think everyone in her world does. C understands how important - necessary, even - it is to celebrate the favorite stuffed-animal's birthday (and half-birthday) with an impressive tea party. She understands that it is important to have a real tea party, every month, complete with invitations and a theme. She understood when Ainsley went through her 1 1/2-year phase of being a different character every day and preferred to be called by that name. C would come over and say "so who are you today?" without hesitating. Neither girl thinks it odd when my child says "C! Watch my arm movements when I jump!" and C says "Wow! That's really great!". And vice versa.

There is much more, and while these two don't embody Anne Shirley and Diana Barry in character, they do personify what it means to have and be a kindred spirit.

Sometimes I'll find them reading to each other...taking turns and just being content to sit.

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