Monday, March 28, 2011

Pigs In A Blanket

The other night, after baths, John walked in to our room and yelled for me to come see the latest Ainsley-orchestrated activity.

And then the camera had to be searched for and dug out of the permanent piles of rubble scattered around our house.

First there was this:

Which quickly developed into this:

And then, of course, this:

But I really love this particular moment:

These two have a mutual adoration society and I can't wait to see the relationship develop. Annie practically breaks her neck, craning it about, when she hears Ainsley's voice (which the big sister LOVES). And Ains is beyond sweet to her, as you can see.


JenHahn said...

These pics are so great! And I love the sweetness going on between Annie and Ainsley. You and John make some cute babies!

Maggie said...

Love that last picture Annie.. The other day when we were over there was I praying she would wake up so I could see her!