Saturday, March 26, 2011

You Know You're Getting Older When...

1. The head coaches at The Dance look like adolescents.

2. The assistant coaches look like toddlers.

3. A 600mg ibuprofen is needed after a run to help the knees.

4. You think of a musical reference during a conversation with friends and don't use it because you realize they were in preschool when it was running.

5. Your heart dies a little when you realize you're having to hold fine print out a bit to read it better.

6. Your opthamologist suggests you could use some "cheater" glasses when sewing or reading in "dim light". (I refuse.)

7. Your heart dies again when someone at a party off-handedly mentions something about "40-year-olds" and it takes everything you have to not mention you are...well...sigh.

8. You take the kids to preschool and have to refrain from punting the moms who don't have grey hair because not only do they actually look cute in their work-out gear, they get to work out. Often.


1 comment:

cbeck said...

No kidding! My primary care doctor recently suggested Celebrex. I wanted to smack him.