Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Boy.


Apparently when a boy:

has one of these in his chubby little boy-hands:

And one of these is close by:

(the car, not the people or hose)

This happens:

And then a sweet little boy is very, very sad because he realizes he has done something very, very wrong. Part of the reason why he knows this is because his oldest sister said "Johnny! You hit the car?!?!". But because he knew he had messed up, we were able to launch straight into Forgiveness because he felt so terribly burdened. It broke my heart to see him in so much misery, but it also made me rejoice because he came to us. He didn't run away. He didn't deny he had done it (we did not witness the act). He didn't lie about what happened. He told the truth and came to us for mercy and love, which we of course gave him with lots of holding close through his tears and explaining that John and I love him regardless of what he does. That we love him and we don't love the car. That we forgive him and adore him and he is ours.

This is what boys do. They take baseball bats to cars.


Rebecca Brown said...

Awesome to have such a sweet memory when you notice the Johnny dent. :)

JenHahn said...

Way to go Mom and Dad! Parenting at its finest! And Johnny has seen the gospel lived out in his own life. No better lesson. On the flip side, I have a dent in my car put there by a teenage boy who started to apologize, but his MOM stepped in and denied he did it! We got into a shouting match in the Sam's parking lot. It was ugly. No picture of the gospel there. And my blood still boils a little when I look at the dent.