Monday, April 2, 2012

Sam's Club Part II

After my annoying encounter at the check-out, I made it all the way to the car and had the kids in (but not buckled) when I realized I couldn't find my phone.  I could. not. find. my. phone.  I had a crap load of hungry kids who had just been very patient on an excursion and now I was going to have to unload them from the car to head back inside to retrace our cat-herding steps, and then certainly stand in a hysterically dull line at the service counter.

Enter Becky K from The Blue Hutch!  I spied her in the parking lot, started shouting and waving my arms like the lunatic that I am, and caught her attention.  She was absolutely LOVELY and stayed with the kiddos at the car so I could race in for a fruitless search for my phone.  Yes.  Fruitless.  I thought I was going to throw up.

I returned, shoulders slumped, to the car.  After thanking Miss Becky who had delighted my kids (they talked about her incessantly for the next hour), I resigned myself to buckling them in and starting the drive home. 

But then. Then!  As I was wrangling with the five-point on Lizzy and digging out some of the junk she manages to store in her seat during a regular car ride, I felt something plastic-y and familiar.  No.  No Stinkin' WAY!  My lovely child with the most beautiful brown eyes I've ever seen had been SITTING on my phone for the better part of 20 minutes - her little tushie encountering "silent mode" over and over again as I called and called it - and didn't say a single word.  I almost crumbled.  Any of the other kids would have told me.  Even Annie would have looked up, then wriggled around trying to figure out what causing the rumble in her trunk.

But Lizzy?  No way.  In fact, she said "Your phone was making my hiney jiggle!". And laughed. 

Sweet Lizzy Lou.

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BKicklighter said...

Mrs. Becky loved hearing your children talk and I was wondering why Lizzie kept smiling over and over. Oh, AND I told Johnny that we wanted him to come over and play but his mommy just wouldn't bring them. Did they mention that? Mean. Mommy. Come to the Blue Hutch, Mommy.