Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Inmates Are Escaping!

See this little sweetums? So snuggly and cute.


See the gap in the fence?  She discovered it and it couldn't be a more perfect fit for someone just her size.

For the first time ever, the triplets tattled for something important and I quickly found her in the neighbor's yard because they have one of these:

Actually, by the time I got back there, she had shimmied up the ladder to the playhouse at the top and seemed very pleased with herself.  I, however, was NOT pleased.  You see, there are four other children in this household and not one of them explored the corners of the yard.  Of course, the littlest of our wee ones has a personality that is more like this:

Explains everything, right?

Sassy little thing. 

1 comment:

fooz said...

That one is a challenge, and STUBBORN! But we love her!