Thursday, August 23, 2012

And They Thought They Were Just Buying A House

We have new neighbors and I feel sort of sorry for them.  They obviously didn't read the fine print on the contract and missed the part where we were included in the package.  That their property wasn't completely theirs. That sound-proofing was not included. That when they go outside they will be waved at and queried about anything "Mr. M - why don't you have any hair" (true question to a neighbor) and told anything from what was eaten here for breakfast to something as interesting as the size of guinea pig poop (not joking about that one).

Anyway, they moved in last weekend and it has been rare that we have been outside and someone hasn't been crying. Loudly. Or we've been yelling at them to get inside for reasons such as "Why did you think it was a good idea to smash your sister in the car door!?!??!!?!". (Also true)

Five kids ages 7 and under means weeping and gnashing of teeth is common, but tears of this frequency and magnitude is unusual...even for us.  And I'm sure they're thrilled to be living next to Chez Laird with our bikes and trikes and shovels and hula hoops and soccer balls and sidewalk chalk strewn all over the place.  Maybe they even feel a little duped because we tried very, very hard to keep the yard in acceptable condition while the house was on the market and now they're getting us sans make-up. 

Did I mention they're newlyweds?  Yikes. 

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