Wednesday, August 29, 2012

There's A Fire Burning In This One

Gracie is a funny kid.  She exudes a certain bravado around the house and other places where she's comfortable, but most people see a generally shy, mild mannered introvert like her oldest sibling.

Mild mannered except when there's even an eensy  weensy hint of competition in the air.  After that, it's all the Katie Bar The Doors and Whoa Nellys one can muster because Gracie likes to win.  Gracie needs to win.  And Gracie is tormented if she does not.  It can be about anything, from getting in the car first, to finishing breakfast/lunch/dinner first, to racing to the bathroom, etc, etc.  She competes even when she's the only one in the race.  And it's all or nothing with this kid; second place isn't worth her time and is the emotional equivalent to dead last.

The latest example:

Every night before bed, the kids pick books to read (duh).  Since "being fair" is hyper-important among the bairn, Lizzy and Gracie take turns every night on who gets read to first (John always reads to Johnny, so it's a non-issue with him).  Sometimes I forget whose turn it is, and sometimes they forget, but the point is that last night Gracie thought she was first in the queue and it ended up being Lizzy instead.  Instantaneous combustion.  Sobbing, hysterics, hyperventilating, screaming, etc, etc.

The funny(?) part was what she was saying, or rather what little bits we could make of the words tumbling over each other in between sobs.  Some of it was the usual "but it was my turn to be first!" and "I only like to be first! Ever!". But two morsels were the choicest, uttered in tears from my lap:

"I (sniff) Will Not (big shaky breath) Sleep All Night (sob) Because I Am So (cry) Annoyed!!"

and perhaps my all-time favorite

"My (choke) Happiness (gasp) Is (sob) Ruined!!"

Her happiness was ruined.  Golly, I love this kid.

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Maggie said...

I laughed out loud on this one. This makes sense now because when we were eating dinner last weekend she SCARFED her food down and announced she finished FIRST and was very excited to be the first to use the potty and brush their teeth at bed time.