Friday, December 28, 2012


I tend to favor ugly shoes.  The uglier and comfier, the more I love them and even get silly-attached.  I've owned this particularly unattractive pair for about 10, 11, 12 (?) years and I can't imagine how many miles they own.

I was at my mom's a couple weeks ago - once again wearing these bad boys - when I realized something felt funny when I walked.  Felt sort of...floppy, or "ploppy", as the trips like to say. Then it dawned on me that it had been like that for a few days and, when I checked out my shoes I noticed this:

They're both like that.  How embarrassing. I'm 42 years old and who knows how long I've been strolling around with irreparably broken shoes.  And you know what's even more mortifying?  I'm still wearing them.

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Mary said...

are they docs? I think you can get them resoled? See if Nordstrom's can do anything for you