Thursday, January 31, 2013

Breaking Up With Wal-Mart

I should have done it years ago and if they didn't have groceries (read: milk) I would never set foot in the place.  But the problem is that Wal-Mart does have the three basic necessities (diapers, milk, and saline solution) for reasonable coin and my life is not conducive to running to multiple stores when those items share the list.  There just isn't time.

Side note:  I did avoid the place for years because for some reason the colors/design/layout is maddening and senseless and made my head hurt (it still does), plus Target (lovely, lovely Target) is right next door and there really is no decision to make when those two are up against each other.  The problem is - and this is a huge problem - The Boy believes the milk from Target "tastes like cheese" and he's right.  I have no idea why it's gross, but there must be a milk-purchase option when I shop because we're holding steady at 9+ gallons/week around here and it is always on the list.  In fact, it is so on the list, all the time, that the word "milk" doesn't even make an appearance because it should always, always be assumed that we need the stuff.

But I've had it and what was the proverbial straw?  Those silly turn-table bag thingies at the check-out have robbed me of too many groceries I have purchased.   I really, really needed that onion this afternoon and had to change dinner plans on the fly because one of my bags was forgotten and left on the turn-table.  Very, very uncool.

When the triplets were two-ish, they (Lizzy especially) would throw down a fabulous, multi-super-tantrum if we turned right to go to Wal-Mart as opposed to left for Target.  I still wish I had video of it: three kids screaming their heads off and begging to not go to Wal-Mart. It would have made a perfect commercial.

I'm done.  Officially done.

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Tracie said...

I feel like I should say Amen!