Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Notes On Valentines Day Eve

1. Four kids = 73 valentines for classmates. Stunning. 

2. Plus extras they wanted to do for teachers, friends, neighbors...they got a little fired up.  I don't have a total count.  Probably somewhere in the mid to upper 90's.

3. The fifth child of course had to keep up, so she was allowed to put stickers everywhere just to keep her busy while John and I coaxed the older ones to sign their cards.  To be honest, only two needed focus.  The other two were incredibly self-motivated.

4. The dining room table looked like a vomitous mass of Justice League, Littlest Pet Shop, Puppy, and Madagascar cards and stickers, pencils and markers, and then the dreaded permanent markers because the pencils and regular markers were smearing or not showing up on Superman, all mixed in with princess placemats, normal placemats, and wadded up napkins.

5. Pinterest was making me feel like a crappy mom for this holiday, since I'm not doing 90+ homemade valentines with glow-sticks, covering the kids' door with cut-out hearts on which I had written all the things I love about them, and having heart-shaped themed lunches.  So I'm avoiding the place for a month or two. 

6. I have nothing planned for dinner tomorrow. We may be having leftover chili.

7. Actually, we will be having leftover chili.

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Mary said...

That's the problem with pinterest :( Makes you feel bad. UGH.

So glad Jake didn't do valentines, and Clara is self-motivated :)