Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Shutting It

My mouth, that is.  I have a wicked tongue and the "is it true, kind, or necessary" stuff is a struggle, especially the "necessary" part. Oh, and the "kind" section too.  Sometimes I have to physically remove myself from a situation to avoid saying something destructive. Not painting a pretty picture, am I? 

Case in point: I had an encounter with a teacher this morning (no, not one anyone knows so rest easy) and it ended up I discovered I was right.  Even if I had been in the wrong, the attitude I was handed was unpleasant and nothing gets me rankled so easily as attitude. But as it turns out, I was right and I really wouldn't care, but I was made to question myself and to feel like a flaky, disorganized and generally clueless parent (all things I am guilty of at times) and I clearly wasn't.  This time.

So I'm having difficulty letting this one go and even came up with a sweet way of making sure she knew I really wasn't being an idiot, but is it necessary to do say something? No, it is not. I have a wise husband who reinforced the idea that to address it would not help, and he is right.

It's so hard.  So very, very hard.

Big deep breath and sigh...

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