Friday, December 12, 2008

End Of An Era

For the last few months, the crumbgobblers were sucking dry 3x8 oz bottles/day. Every last drop is ingested and then I get all sorts of attitude when I refuse to give them more. The amount of formula we were plowing through was psycho. Gracie and Lizzy are officially on %100 milk now, however, and a couple nights ago we retired our mixin' pitcher we have used for 10 months. From the beginning, we felt it was easier to make all the formula at night and put bottles together so we could just grab out of the fridge (or "freeridgerator" as Ainsley would say).

I thought I'd add a photo of the whisk and pitcher we no longer need. At our peak, we were going through 3 1/2 cups dry formula per day (the water line is the black line at the top). It's a little crazy to think about and I hope I never, ever have to make that amount of formula at one time again.

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Mary said...

Way to grow triplets!