Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why Do Kids Notice This Stuff?

Warning - this post is highly uninteresting to anyone who:
a. does not know us personally
b. is not from our town
c. and...well...it just isn't that neat.

We live in an older part of our city. It was once a bedroom community and possesses all the stereotypes of such: huge trees, century homes mixed with cozy cottage houses and everyone LOVES LOVES LOVES to live here. They are know to be a bit kooky about it at times (no offense to SuperBabysitter or Joan - you know we are now brainwashed and will never move off our street). No one ever leaves and it seems (with the exception of us because we're newcomers) everyone either: went to your high school, dated your first, second, or third cousin, went to high school with your grandma/aunt/uncle/cousin, etc, etc. If you are forced to move away, your heart aches to get back and you do as soon as possible. There are always exceptions. It has been rumored that "some people" have left and actually enjoy living somewhere else.

Anywho, the majority of the homes have detached garages, so Ainsley thinks it is normal to have to unload groceries in the pouring rain and track lots of dirt into the house. The other day we were driving to my parents' house which is in a newer part of town (newer is relative - their home is nearly 40 years old) when all of a sudden she said:

"Why are all the garages out here attached to the houses??? That's silly! That doesn't make any sense!!! Why do they do that??"

I mean, heaven forbid. Someday she'll understand that we're the wierdos and we all secretly covet attached garages.

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