Friday, March 20, 2009

Panic, Problem-Solving, Potties, and Peace

I was driving home from my parents' house tonight when Ainsley calmly stated "I have to go potty". Now, when Ainsley actually admits she has to go, you know it's serious. The kid can hold it forever and we usually have to make her sit on the toilet, enduring protests of "I can't go! I don't have to go! I'm not going to go!", as she is tee-teeing.

I had all four kids with me. How the heck was this going to end well.

Me: We're about 6 minutes (10, really) from home, sweetie. Can you hold it?
Ainsley: No.
Me: Are you sure? Try really hard.
Ainsley: I can't.

A quick glance in the rear view mirror revealed a pained 4-year-old face.

Me: AAAAGHGHHGHGGH! (in my head) Okay. We'll stop somewhere. Just try to hang in there. (out loud)
Ainsley: Where are we going to stop?

I had no earthly idea. I figured by the time I pulled over, got everyone unloaded, ran into random bathroom-having-establishment, there would be a puddle somewhere and I'd rather it not be in the super-cool minivan. *
I mean, surely I can't leave the kidlets in the car? Why did our friends have to move from that street we just passed? Who do I know that lives close by?

Ahhh. Brilliant thought. I called home.

John: Yes? (caller ID has to be in the top ten of greatest inventions)

This was a half-way point. My genius mind knew there would be no accidents today.

Rest of story: sped down major road, whipped into parking lot on two wheels (slight exaggeration), parked, flung open doors, briefly considered just having Ainsley squat on the grassy area, considered it again when she started hopping with her legs crossed (who would ticket a kid for public urination?), thought abandoned when I saw John pulling in to take over the triplets.

We raced inside, had to use the men's restroom because someone was in the women's (of course). This was thrilling for her = 599 questions about the who, whats, whys, wheres, etc.

Ultimately, victory. No puddles, not even a leak.

aaahhhhh. All was well.

*I do not think the minivan is super-cool.


Mary said...

quick thinking! glad it worked out. Puddles suck, but not the end of the world. Unless they involve carseats. Then they suck. that comes from experience.

Clan Goodrich said...

Supermommy's quick thinking saves the day again! :)

I plan on keeping a spare potty seat in the trunk for occassions just like this (with a supply of liners, of course!). I can't even imagine that day....

susie said...

so very true..........when she has to go.............its almost too late! Woo hoo for John making it in time.....the thought of 4 of them in a public rr is enough for a tv show!