Sunday, March 1, 2009

Such A Diva

Gracie already has a lot of quirks, one of them being she already has clothing preferences. She loves shoes and brings them to me in the morning, shoves them in my face, and grunts at me to put them on her. Of course I comply. One of her other loves is a particular pair of jams (no, not the shorts some of us wore in the 80's). She finds this specific pair of pj's, brings it to me, and demands dressing. It doesn't matter what she is already wearing - she gets all wound up about it and gets seriously mad when we have to take her precious pj's off to leave the house, heaven forbid.

Decent pictures of Lizzy and Gracie have been hard these days because they know a flash is coming and they either squint or close their eyes. I know, I know. I could turn off the flash and figure out how to make everything wonderful, but I'm too impatient and by the time I solve the problem, the moment is always lost. So I deal with squinty-eyed kids.

Gracie with her favorite article of clothing, eyes closed.

Caught before she closed her eyes completely. Nice side shot of her pj's.


Maggie said...

Aw Gracie! :) I love you for half-saying Ma-Ma last weekend!

Joan said...

Try looking at Ainsley's camera. She got some good ones of Gracie, Lizzy and Johnny today.