Monday, March 23, 2009

That Gracie

She is my little spitfire and is utterly ridiculous. She is the reason why the Big Three were on bottles until they were nearly 17 months old. Ainsley smoothly transitioned to sippy cups before her first birthday. No protest. I naively assumed the littlest wee ones would be the same. Foolish.

That Gracie refused just about every cup that had milk in it. Now, give her a sippy cup of water and she went to town. But in her mind, milk is supposed to come from a bottle. Everything else will be (and was) thrown on the floor without a drop crossing her lips. Stubborn, stubborn child. At least we know there is one thing she inherited from me...ahem.

For some reason, I did the classic First-Time-Mom routine by desperately trying every single type of sippy cup to see if there was one she would like. Which one does she prefer and will now guzzle 8 oz of milk from at a time? This one:

That's right. $0.65. Oh, and get this. She prefers the orange one. If she gets the green or blue she stares at it suspiciously, gives it a thorough examination, and only ends up drinking 1/2. If she wasn't so stinkin' cute...that Gracie.


Rachael said...

my three were very particular about cups as well. and they are so particular about colors...they each have their own in everything!

susie said...

No problems drinking out of anything over here! hehe!