Monday, February 8, 2010

10 Things

I'm bored. I should not be - if you saw my house you would give me the head-shake as you scan The Disaster. There's always something to do around here...

So I felt it would be a wise use of my time to come up with two lists that don't deserve the energy output I'm giving them.

10 Things I'm Enjoying These Days:

1. Listening to the kiddos talk to each other when they're supposed to be sleeping

2. Reading "chapter books" to Ainsley.

3. Being grumpy

4. An old friend's debut album. You can listen to bits and pieces here if you're feeling lazy right now. Ainsley requests "Emily's Songs" every time she's in the car.

5. Beverages. Not too many, mind you.

6. Caffeine. Lots and lots of yummy caffeine.

7. A bible study that is kicking my rear. Yes, I go to bible study and I like it. But it means I should do something about #3 and I really, really enjoy being grumpy sometimes.

8. John. We're finally staggering out of the low-budget flick Triplets: Pregnancy and The Early Years and it's nice to know he's still pretty awesome. And funny. The guy is really really funny.

I couldn't come up with 10. The next list flew off my fingertips.

10 Things I Want To Punt:

1. This woman in my area who runs with her long, long, long hair down so it's flopping all over the place. My blood pressure goes through the roof every time I see her. If you know who she is, please, please ask her to use a ponytail holder so I don't have to deal with my heart rate unnecessarily shooting into the 200's every other day.

2. My entire wardrobe that doesn't fit as nicely as it did 6 months ago

3. Germs. I think the nebulizer was turned on 5 or 6 times today and it will be more tomorrow.

4. Gray hair

5. Gray hair and zit combo - very, very unfair

6. Having to listen to the kiddos start screaming every morning between 5:30-5:45. Must. Stop.

7. The word "no". Usually expressed as "NO!!".

8. The people who ask me if we were "surprised" when we found out we were having triplets.
Listen, you may believe this a polite way to try to find out if we had medical intervention. It is not.

9. The person who discovered "fat grams". I would be better off blissfully ignorant. Now I have to battle guilt. And lose.

10. Warm diet soda.


JenHahn said...

Gray hair and zit combo is unfair. I completely agree. I think the huge zit on my chin just winked at the gray streak (no longer just strays, a whole streak!) in my hair.
And cleaning is boring so if you're already bored, why torture yourself with more boring things to do. And if I see that lady running without a pony tail holder I'll pull over and yell at her for you.

susie said...

I will run over the jogger if I see her on my way out of your place! and I think you look great!

Karen said...

Whenever someone asks me if I was "surprised" to find out I was having triplets, I say, "NO one ever expects to have triplets - that's ALWAYS a suprise."

Usually people laugh. Occasionally I'll get something like, "Well, sure, but are they, you know, natural? Or did you take those pills?"

If I'm feeling nice I'll just say, "We had a little help" and leave it at that. If I'm feeling witchy I'll tell them that I'll only tell them about the conception of my children if they'll tell me about the day they conceived theirs. Other times I'll say, "no, I didn't take those pills." It's true - I only took injections to conceive the triplets.

The best is when people ask, "So was this a doctor thing, or a God thing?" I always answer "It's always a God thing." And no one ever seems to get that one.