Wednesday, February 3, 2010

She Is My Child, But...

I don't know where she learned the phrase "get your brows done". I mean, she's seem me attempt to tame mine, but I'm 100% certain the girl has never heard those words cross my lips.

Ainsley occasionally plays "beauty parlor" with the triplets and her latest question to them is "Do you want to get your brows done?". First she takes a cotton ball and wipes it over each brow "to soften it up", and then she uses a Q-Tip to "shape it". A few days ago I walked into my room to see Gracie compliantly reclined on a bunch of pillows while Ainsley made her fabulous.

Where in the world?


The funny thing is, none of the three jerked away while she made them pretty. They just let her do it - and she had a vice grip on their little heads, too.

1 comment:

-PeeWeeReid- said...

She's soo cuuute!!
I wish I have a sister like her.
To bad I only got one big brother!
At least he's better than nothing!