Friday, January 29, 2010

Can't Handle This

Ainsley is officially signed up for Kindergarten. I'm holding it together, but my heart has a general malaise about it right now.

The kindergartners in our district have the option to ride a bus to school (if you live within a mile of school you are supposed to walk). I asked her if she wanted to ride or have me take her and she chose the latter. Phew! Relief, in part, because there is no way I wanted to be the crazy lady, sobbing uncontrollably on the corner the day my little baby steps onto a bus and out of my reach for the first time.

I would prefer to be the crazy lady who sits in my car in the school parking lot and cry, thank you very much.

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Mary said...

yes crying in the car is a MUCH better option. :-)

It's funny, because we live about 4-5 minutes from our school if walking. And I'm debating letting the kids walk alone. Only because it's always cold and rainy in the morning, and I hate driving 2 blocks, but I hate being cold and wet first thing in the morning even more ;-)