Saturday, January 9, 2010

Game ON!!!

So John likes colored lights on the Christmas tree and since I don't have much of an opinion about it, colored lights it is. This year we had a problem: we could only find one strand of tree lights when we unpacked our tree decorations box. Obviously not enough. Easily solved - call Bob, friend and neighbor, (father of SuperBabysitter, husband of Friend Joan). Turns out that Bob is offended by colored Christmas lights, is a bigger Christmas snob than I ever was, and implied that the Laird clan is less than dignified (we aren't dignified, but a whole lot of Pride does reside in this house).

What to do? Take our single strand of colored lights and wind it into Friend Bob's perfectly placed white lights on his tree outside. He noticed immediately, of course.

What happens next? This pretty thing appeared one night in our yard:

There is a motion detector on the lollipop. It plays tinny Christmas tunes when set off and the candy canes flash.

I went on a run one evening and heard the music 4 houses down.

The kids love it.

Every animal, vegetable, or mineral that passes by the motion detector sets it off.

We got a bit distracted by some crazy stuff for a bit, otherwise retribution would have been swift and painful. With the holiday season closing it's a little too late, but plans are already in motion for next year.

Game on, friend Bob. Game on.

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