Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Rut

I'm in one. The weather here has been lousy. There's been loads of junk going on. The kids are so, so fabulous and so, so not fabulous for weeks.

I love this town and most everyone in it, but I could leave here in January and February and not miss an angstrom of this place. Okay, the people. I would miss most of the people.

But then it started snowing today. You know, the big bunches of flakes. The ones that, if you try to catch them with your tongue, would cover your face from nose-to-chin. My very favorite.

And I was reading books to Gracie and Johnny and they weren't fighting over my lap. And Ainsley and Lizzy were playing nicely in my room (destroying it, but they were having fun jumping on the bed). And there were giggles and wrestling and swinging and dancing and it was perfectly lovely because I never dreamed I would be allowed a family like this.

So I peeked out of my rut for 30 minutes today and it wasn't so bad. I ducked back in, but maybe tomorrow I'll give another looksie.

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