Monday, March 1, 2010

Love Marketing

Wrap something in pink or make it smaller or put a heart on it, and my day is a little brighter. I'm every marketer's dream.

My newest favorite:

Because grown-up television viewing is abnormal around here, I missed out on all the advertising that went along with this new campaign. So when I pulled out a perfectly chilled can of near-delish (only real Coke is truly such) and saw that sweet little heart - my insides did a little happy dance.

I am not at all embarrassed, either. Because when the noise level is concert-level for the 4th hour in a row, something fun and unexpected really keeps me from going totally loco.


emily said...

I agree! I'm sitting here with the heart on my diet coke can staring at me and it makes me happy.

Staci Burruel said...

Marketing makes the world a little more different. And every business must apply marketing strategies to be successful. Just like this one! =)