Friday, March 5, 2010


Our sweet, sweet boy. He is surrounded by only girls and lots of girly things for the better part of his days. So, he knows all the princesses (Sleeping Beauty is his favorite), walks better in heels than any female in our family, and is as comfortable running around in a princess dress as he is a fireman's costume. On the other hand, he makes impressive vehicle and tiger noises, has a true need to tackle anything that breathes, and laughs like crazy when he forces out bodily noises. He told me the other day, very seriously, that John is "My buddy". He loves, loves, loves his Daddy.

John and I joke that he is conflicted, but I really just think he's going to be an amazing husband and dad. If he has girls, they'll be incredibly lucky.

A bus in one hand and a purse on the elbow. What to choose??


BKicklighter said...

He is one of KB's favorite people - for sure!!

susie said...

my boyfriend! I love it!

abemaria said...

You've already helped your friend today. If you are a good friend, you will help him/her tomorrow too.