Saturday, March 13, 2010

Triplet Logistics

It used to be so easy. Taking all four kids to a store - nearly any store - was a breeze. Really. From the time we were released from quarantine to avoid rsv, we were out the door. The system worked beautifully and efficiently: two in the double-stroller, two or one in the cart, depending on the cart situation. I had 18 months of breezy errand-running.

Then trouble happened. The trio discovered the "car carts" at the grocery. Totally uncool, especially if there is only one available. Two-year-olds have opinions, you see.

Then bigger trouble happened and she is called Miss Independent. Sweet Gracie decided one day that she would prefer to walk in stores. I didn't think much of it and allowed it to happen because she's a 100% mama's girl and usually sticks to me like glue. But why in the world did I not think that maybe, just maybe the other two would remain content hanging out in a cart while their sisters (remember, there's an older one in the mix) had freedom?

Well, now I have everyone walking at least 90% of the time and it is not cool. These are the days when I wish we could get away with putting eensy shock collars on our kids so if they run off we could give them a little jolt.

Double Sigh.


BKicklighter said...

You could get those harness/leash things. I used to be totally against them - who treats their kids like animals - and then God game us Bubs and KB. Now I know that the families who treat their kids like animals are the families who have little "untrained puppy" children.. . or two year olds!

JenHahn said...

I love your shock collar idea. Would also work well for kids who break free of hand holding while in the parking lot.

TripMomma said...

LOL Note to self remember this post and keep everyone in the cart/stroller.

BTW I love what you wrote in the About Me area "I've been humbled by what I've been given and hope I don't mess it all up." LOVE it!

Karen said...

I don't think I've EVER been brave enough to go to the grocery store with the triplets (I'm barely brave enough to bring my oldest!). I figure by the time they're teenagers, they'll calm down enough to bring them. Or, um, maybe by the time they're in college?

Oh wait, there WAS one time I brought the triplets, but I also had Seth with me and it was nearly a complete disaster!

usual-daily-life said...
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