Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Don't Care If You're Cold!

The Laird children were aching to have The Stink blown off them, so when the sun finally decided to prove its existence last week - I flung them outside. It was a brisk 40 degrees, but oh so worth it. The picnic table was dragged out of the garage, spots were claimed, and snacks distributed.

First there were two. Johnny couldn't be bothered - he had to re-orient himself to the yard he hadn't seen in months. Oh, and Lizzy did not have a head wound. She just likes having a band-aid on her forehead and Ainsley loves indulging her.

But then the desire for pretzels took over and he joined the table. Gracie was not happy and kept trying to push him off her side. You can see her pointing her finger as she said "NO Johnny! You sit over THERE!". My sweet little bossy thing.

Freak-out over. Heaven forbid Gracie ever has someone in her personal space. Just like her momma.

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susie said...

The blonde is a bossy little thing, not so like her momma though! She knows what she wants and she gets it!
Sorry I missed the picnic!