Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day

How did we get to this point? When did this happen? Someone at church warned me, after I'd had a horrible week with the triplets, that I would turn around twice and the kids would be off to college. I knew at the time this was true, but I didn't know the heartache would start so soon.

Ainsley was so ready and so excited for Kindergarten. It isn't her fault I still think of her in this stage:

The dreaded drop-off went as predicted. We walked back to the playground, milled around a bit with the other parents and kids, and then our babies were called to line up with their teachers to go inside. I didn't know we were allowed to go inside to their room, so I kissed her and then started crying. Regaining my composure to follow her class inside wasn't too difficult, but this was where the hard stuff started. You see, once the kids got to their classroom and found a spot to sit for circle time, there was this moment. A moment where, when all these little bitty wee ones were sitting there, cross-legged, so sweet with their huge backpacks and new shoes, all totally unsure of what was going to happen, that I had to fight every instinct to grab my girl and say "Okay, that's enough for this year. We'll see you in first grade!", and take her with me.

I wanted to bring her home and hold her and cuddle her and rock her and never let go.

I'm not sure I want to take her back tomorrow. One day is enough, right?

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Brooke said...

I am not looking forward to that day! I forget to read your blog, but I always love it when I come back and get somewhat caught up. I better get to bed though. Sleep time is precious, as you know!