Sunday, August 15, 2010


Morning conversation with Johnny. Verbatim.

Context: I'm in the bathroom, trying to get contacts in so I can function properly.

Enter: The Boy

Johnny: "Hi Mommy!! Whatcha doin'?". Proceeds to open every_single_drawer and cabinet.

Me: "Shut the drawer please. Shut the drawer please. Close the door, please. Don't dig around in there. That's not for you"

Johnny: "What's this?" (after pulling open the 4th drawer and discovering my obviously rarely-used hairdryer)

Me: "It's a hairdryer. Please don't play with it."

Johnny: "Why?"

Me: "Because it isn't safe for you to play with cords."

Johnny: "Why is it a hay-uh-dwyer?" (the "w" is intentional)

Me: "Because it is used to dry peoples' hair."

Johnny: "Why?"

Me: "Because that's what it does. That's its job."

Johnny: "Why"

Me: "Go find Daddy."

Johnny: Exits room.

Me: Sigh.

I swear that kid talks to hear his head rattle. Most of me hopes he never stops...

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emily said...

Totally can sympathize with this. At our house, when the questions stop the singing starts. Someday I know I'll miss it, but there are times now when I just want to be able to hear my own thoughts!