Tuesday, July 29, 2008

12 Years

So I previously mentioned J and I went out for wings to celebrate our 12th anniversary and it was good. We aren't overly sentimental...actually we just aren't sentimental, so it was a perfect evening for us. LOTS of conversation, which hadn't happened in awhile and for 4 very cute reasons. This year was understandably challenging for the marriage, but life (read: kidlets) are getting easier every month and sometimes we can use words besides "diaper/formula/bottles/burp cloth/spit-up" and other grunts. Anyway, during the course of our date-night discussion, J and I started talking about being sappy (I am not - I prefer fart cards for valentine's day) and how he wouldn't mind it if perhaps 2% of me was...ummm...hmmm...is affectionate the right word? Why am I asking you? We'll go with affectionate.

Because of that, the following will be an affectionate post for my sweet husband and it is all heartfelt and true:
I fell in love with you when I first saw you. I firmly believe that God had your family move here for such a short amount of time so we could meet and always be together. Every day I am amazed at what God has given me and am so thankful to have someone who mostly understands me and still sticks around for more. You are one of the most intelligent people I know and you absolutely are the most loyal and rock-steady. I love you desperately, even though I'm not cuddly.
Always and Forever,

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