Friday, July 25, 2008

Some words of explanation...

So I've already been questioned about what Zone Defense and Stand Fast mean and here goes. In sports (I used to teach PE), zone defense is used is a type of defense (I'm often redundant) used as opposed to man-to-man, when the player is guarding a corresponding player from the other team. In zone, a player is given a zone to cover and can therefore cover more than one opposing player, if need be. In our house, J and I are outnumbered and can therefore no longer play man-to-man, or parent-to-child as it may be. We have to rely on zone.

Now on to Stand Fast. My husband's heritage is Scot and many of them feel strongly (he is included) about this. The family motto is "Stand Fast" and it not only accurately describes my immediate family, but it currently defines our lives as he and I can't and don't let our guards down and stay strong in rearing the wee ones. Forever and ever, amen.

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Cindy & Brian said...

This is great! This is exactly how we described it when I was pregnant...Zone vs. man to man!
And its pretty accurate!