Friday, July 25, 2008

Pics help make it real

MG - 9 months (18 lb and change at her checkup). The pic doesn't show her personality well, but let's just say she has one and it isn't small. Toy thief, jabber box, expert crawler, her sister's favorite, probably b/c they have the same character traits.

EL - 9 months (hasn't had her checkup yet, but she's chasing 20 lbs). Very sweet, can't crawl yet, usually a fan favorite b/c she'll smile for anyone, has the loudest glass-shattering-freak-out screech I've ever heard (and therefore NOT her big sister's favorite).

IV - 9 months (20 lbs, a few oz). Sluggo is also a toy thief, crawler/climber, spitter-upper of epic proportions (only strangers don't know he should be cab-forward while held), thinks it's HILARIOUS to grab his sisters' hair and not let go. Everyone feels sorry for him b/c off all the girls, but the kid will never have to share clothes or his room. He's the prince. Sometimes I wonder if the prince will always have to wear a bib...

And finally this is AC, the firstborn, age 3. Loves everything pink, most animals (even bugs *shiver*), salty foods, and dark chocolate (a girl after my own heart). She is precocious, strong-willed, and a bit naive about the world. Makes us laugh almost every day. She has a like/dislike of the triplets, which is understandable. It drives us a little crazy when they're all freaking out, too.
Those are the crumbgobblers. We don't love them for what they do. We love them because they're ours.


susie said...

not a chance you will mess it are a fantastic mom! Every day! Keep it up and remember all (5) blessings!

Joy said...

Hey! Next time we are STL we should definitely get together to converse about the craziness of our lives! Your kids are ADORABLE!