Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lizzy, Lizzy, Lizzy

I've been asked several times over the past few weeks about Lizzy (don't feel badly if you are one who has). I quit reporting on her progress or what's going on because:

1. My kids deserve some privacy, especially about the highly personal things
2. It is sometimes too complicated and tedious to explain in the written word

I will say that she is great (except for that dang biting!) and very "Lizzy", meaning she progresses on her own time and in the manner she sees fit. The kid continues to surprise us and we are beyond thankful for our state's Early Intervention program. It has brought a lot of relief and answers and support, and our therapist's enthusiasm for Lizzy Lou's advancement keeps us going.

Thank you all for asking and I apologize that I have left you hanging, especially since so many people are praying or have prayed for her. You deserve some level of information. :) Feel free to inquire, even if it's via email - I love to talk about her and brag about what she is doing. It just won't be in a public way.

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Clan Goodrich said...

Glad your EI services seem to be providing support that you need/want. Our one boy seems to be at his own pace for everything too. It is just SO hard not to compare when they are the same age, isn't it? But it is hard not to worry.

Our EI laison comes out in 2 weeks....meaning, I will start fretting about what they can't do next week & then worried sick when she leaves.